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Your SLC Retirees Association – What Will Life After College Look Like?

Did you know that you have a vibrant, lively retirees association waiting for you when it's time for you to think about life after college? The St. Lawrence College Retirees Association is an independent association of former faculty, staff, and managers and they get together regularly for social events, golf tournaments, and more. [...]

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Course Outlines & Academic Freedom – What Happens if Your Program Review Tells You “The Course Outline Grievance Didn’t Go Anywhere”

It did go somewhere. Last June, Local 417 filed a grievance regarding the new Course Outline format. The new format dictates which learning activities, learning resources, and assessments will be used in the course. This is material that is supposed to be in the Learning Plan that individual professors design, not the Course [...]

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Professional Development Days and the Collective Agreement – An Overview

Our Collective Agreement (CA) affords Full-time union members ten days of professional development (PD) per year. Furthermore, five of those ten days, at least, are to be consecutive. For professors, counsellors, and librarians, the CA states, The College shall allow each teacher/Counsellor and Librarian at least ten working days of professional development in each academic [...]

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Ready For Your Close-Up? Hold That Thought

During the pandemic we have all become accustomed to recording our Teams lectures. In previous semesters, many of us have followed the recommendation set out by the college to make these recordings available to all students in each course. STOP. We are now in phase two of work-to-rule, and recording your lecture is [...]

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Still Don’t Understand What We Are Fighting For?

Winter start-up is an especially busy time, particularly for Partial Load faculty who are just now receiving official contracts and timetables. The seemingly added task of tracking hours and not engaging in struck work could be interpreted as counterproductive- the work needs to get done regardless…right? Undoubtedly faculty are feeling anxious, annoyed, and [...]

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MASK UP! Local 417 to Provide KN95 Masks to Members – Not All Masks Are Created Equal

Not all masks are created equal. It is important that members (and students) understand that the medical masks the college is providing are not adequate protection based on health guidelines. This is concerning. The Joint Health and Safety Committees are addressing this issue and will be releasing a statement later this [...]

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Informal Drop-In Meeting: Strike Mandate Vote and Bargaining Information

Informal Drop-In Meeting: Strike Mandate Vote and Bargaining Information Tuesday, December 14, 2021 7:00-9:00 pm via Zoom Get the zoom meeting information here: Or find the Zoom link information in Friday’s email digest. If you would like to get notifications about up-coming meetings, please sign up for our mailing list. [...]

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Vaccination Mandates, Human Rights, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Law

The following is adapted from communications by Fanshawe Local 110. SLC Faculty Local 417 is grateful for the solidarity and sharing of resources amongst all the OPSEU-CAAT A locals. Union officers and stewards give advice they believe, in good faith and according to their best measures. This advice is not always what members [...]

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