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Partial Load Faculty – Bargaining Advisory Committee Opportunities

On behalf of the Bargaining Team, the Divisional Executive (DivEx) is inviting Partial-Load members to submit applications for a position on the Bargaining Advisory Committee (BAC). We are looking to fill 8 Partial-Load member positions on the committee. These individuals will sit alongside 24 local delegates (1 delegate from each local) to collectively form [...]

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EP. RA. IP. OT. Blended. What’s Your Factor?

The deadline for managers to get Standard Workload Forms (SWF) Full-time (FT) Faculty is Friday, November 27 (six weeks prior to the start of semester). This week, SLC Faculty Local 417 is sharing daily tips for understanding your SWF. Today, we're talking about Evaluation Factors. The amount of time on your SWF allotted for [...]

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OPSEU/SEFPO Indigenous Circle Call for Representatives in Regions 2 & 4

The OPSEU/SEFPO Indigenous Circle invites OPSEU members who self-identify as Indigenous to apply for a position on the OPSEU/SEFPO Indigenous Circle to fill a vacancy in Regions 2 & 4.  Region 2 includes the municipalities of Hamilton, Guelph, Niagara, Owen Sound and points in-between.  Region 4 includes the municipalities of Belleville, Brockville, Cornwall, Kingston, Ottawa and points in-between. The [...]

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What Exactly is Academic Freedom?

What exactly is Academic Freedom? Academic freedom is part of our collective agreement (Article 13) which while complex, is a broad right that you can exercise in your workload discussion with management. In plain language, academic freedom enables faculty to: Speak about academic issues without fear of reprisal. Design and teach a course using [...]

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Survey Results – Working and Teaching Remotely

Thank you for taking the time in September 2020 to help us learn more about the costs incurred by SLC Faculty in order to work and teach remotely. Information gleaned from your responses has been an important part of the discussion the Local Executive Committee has been having with college management as we bring forward your [...]

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