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Referring your Standard Workload Form to the Workload Monitoring Group: The Top Three Myths Debunked

In the coming weeks, Full-time faculty will receive their Standard Workload Forms (SWF) for the winter; many of them will think, “Hmmmm….” Concerned about the numbers on your SWF? Uncomfortable approaching your manager again for another SWF discussion? Maybe even feeling a bit intimidated? As a next step, you have the choice to refer [...]

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Know your rights when meeting with Morneau Shepell

SLC Faculty Local 417 members sometimes need to communicate or meet with representatives from Morneau Shepell, the college's external service provider for accommodations, short-term disability, and return to work. There have been increased reports to Local 417 of members feeling harassed when interacting with representatives from Morneau Shepell. The generalities, but not details, of [...]

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Decisions of the Workload Resolution Arbitrator (WRA)

Decisions of the Workload Resolution Arbitrator (WRA) St. Lawrence College and OPSEU Local 417 September 2, 2020 Here are summaries of two recent decisions by an arbitrator from appeals of decisions of St. Lawrence College’s Workload Monitoring Group (WLG). The arbitrations took place on September 2, 2020. This was the first time in the [...]

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THE WORLD PREMIERE FILM SCREENING: “Great!… this ranks with the best!”–Dr. Joe Berry, author of RECLAIMING THE IVORY TOWER “An important and compelling film!”–James DeFelice, Canadian Screen Award Winner IN SEARCH OF PROFESSOR PRECARIOUS, the Canadian documentary feature examining the issues, stories and struggles of precarious contract faculty in higher education, will be getting [...]

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The impacts of COVID-19 on Post-Secondary Education Staff

The Canadian Association of University Teachers has shared the results of its research on the impacts of COVID-19 on post-secondary education staff. Despite the name–Canadian Association of University Teachers–college professors were included in the research. The results are interesting (but not surprising), but it is also interesting to see the snapshot of who we [...]

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Part-time/Partial Load/Sessional – What’s the difference?

Part-time/Partial Load/Sessional – What’s the difference? There are three categories of contract faculty work at Ontario colleges: Part-time Partial Load Sessional Your category—or status—can impact your rate of pay, access to benefits and pension contributions, internal status for full-time faculty position competitions, right to teach preferred courses, and more. What is your status? 1–6 [...]

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