What’s the 411 on these Standard Workload Forms?

Who? All Full-time Academic Faculty

Why? An objective way to assign, measure and monitor workload.

What? Consists of four components or factors to be considered in determining workload.

1. Teaching contact hours
2. Preparation
3. Evaluation
4. Complementary functions (e.g. committee work or projects)

How? Through the use of standard workload fillable forms, management and faculty can draft possible scenarios for the upcoming semester. A copy of the form is provided here.

When? Mid-semester faculty and immediate supervisors meet (Associate Dean or Dean) to draft each member’s Standard Workload Form. This is then given to the academic faculty member to review six weeks prior to the semester. Then the member can agree or disagree with the draft. If the member agrees to the assignment they can sign the form, but if they disagree they can continue to negotiate with their manager to hopefully reach a mutually agreed upon workload. If this is not the case then the proposed draft can be referred to the Workload Management Group (WMG) for review. Where the matter will be discussed and recommendations made. Note: Once the member receives the proposed workload assignment then the member has five days to agree, continue to negotiate or disagree and refer it to WMG. If the form is left unsigned after five days it is deemed as accepted by the member.

Goal? Mutually agreed upon workload between 40-44 hours/week. Probationary faculty are not permitted to work over 44 hours/week. Overtime and Coordinator hours are not mandatory and faculty have the right to decline the offer.

Where? Access the Standard Workload Fillable Form and an Annotated SWF via the buttons on this page.

A Video Guide to Understanding your Standard Workload Form:

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