During the pandemic we have all become accustomed to recording our Teams lectures. In previous semesters, many of us have followed the recommendation set out by the college to make these recordings available to all students in each course.


We are now in phase two of work-to-rule, and recording your lecture is generally considered struck work.

You have two options.

OPTION ONE (preferred): Class recordings are ONLY required for students with accommodations that explicitly outline that class lectures must be recorded. If a student has an accommodation it is our responsibility, by law, to provide such accommodation (meaning you must record the class for THAT student). We are NOT required by law to make these recordings available to ALL students and cannot be directed to record and share our lectures.

We are asking that you only share recorded links with students with a clearly identified accommodation.

OPTION TWO: If YOU feel that a shared recording is necessary for your students, upload and use the “Bargaining for Better” background provided by OPSEU (see below). This will demonstrate your support of the union and also make it less likely that the college will use your recorded class for their own future use.