While we are still in the thick of the winter semester, planning for the spring/summer semester is well under way. Below is a simplified timeline to help Full-time and Partial Load Faculty keep track of what is happening when as we prepare for a new semester.


Full-time Faculty and their Managers discuss teaching load and other work for the coming semester. Even if there is no teaching for that faculty member in the coming semester (which can happen in the spring/summer semester, for example), workload could be discussed, and a Standard Workload Form (SWF) could be drawn up. However, Full-time Faculty without teaching assignments in the coming semester do not need to have a SWF. Learn more about SWFs here: https://slcfaculty.ca/standard-workload-form/

At this stage, it is very unlikely that contract faculty will know what, if any, teaching they have for the coming semester. It is only after workloads for Full-time Faculty are finalized that remaining courses are assigned to contract faculty. No information about teaching for the fall semester is likely to be available yet to either Full-time or contract faculty (which includes Part-time, Partial Load, and Sessional Faculty). Learn more about contract faculty here: slcfaculty.ca/contract-faculty

Six weeks before the new semester begins:

Full-time Faculty are emailed their SWFS to review. They have five days to accept or sign the SWF. If the faculty member takes no action, the SWF is deemed accepted/signed after five days. If the faculty member does not agree with the SWF, they can discuss it with their manager. If terms for the SWF cannot be agreed upon, the SWF can be referred to the Workload Monitoring Group. See slcfaculty.ca/cant-agree-swf

Contract faculty might have some information about what they are teaching in the coming semester, but it is also likely that they do not. Until SWFs are finalized, the availability of teaching hours is not fully known.

Six to two weeks before the semester begins:

This is when contract faculty will likely be offered courses to teach in the coming semester. However, sometimes contracts are offered as late as the Friday before a semester begins and in rare instances, during the first week of classes. Read more about contracts and letters of offer here: slcfaculty.ca/contract-faculty-letters-of-offer-contracts-more

Two weeks before semester begins:

Timetables are made available to faculty and posted on SLC.me and the St. Lawrence College Intranet.

Read more about timetables here: slcfaculty.ca/timetables-and-scheduling

Due to Full-time Faculty vacations, this timeline shifts slightly in the summer semester as the fall semester is planned. Updates to this timeline will be posted on SLCFaculty.ca