The deadline for managers to get Standard Workload Forms (SWF) Full-time (FT) Faculty is Friday, November 27 (six weeks prior to the start of semester). Then FT Faculty have five days to either sign (and agree with) or communicate with their managers in writing that they disagree with their SWF. Ideally, managers and FT Faculty engage in discussion (written or verbal) and a mutually agreeable SWF is created.

But what happens if that doesn’t happen? Is there any recourse?

Yes, there is, and it is called “referring your SWF to the Workload Management Group (WMG)”.

Sometimes, FT Faculty can be hesitant to refer their SWFs to WMG, thinking that this might be seen as aggressive.

Learn more about how the WMG works, myths surrounding it, and how the Local Executive Committee can help you navigate the WMG process: