The deadline for managers to get Standard Workload Forms (SWF) Full-time (FT) Faculty is Friday, November 27 (six weeks prior to the start of semester). This week, SLC Faculty Local 417 is sharing daily tips for understanding your SWF. Today, we’re talking about Evaluation Factors.

The amount of time on your SWF allotted for evaluating students is the result of the Evaluation Factor x Teaching Contact Hours x Class size.

There are three types of evaluation on the SWF plus one called “Other” or Blended.

EP – “Essay or project” (1.8)
Essays, essay-type assignments or tests, projects, or student performance based on behavioral assessments. Also includes presentations in class which the professor then further assesses after the class, for example.

RA – “Routine or assisted” (0.9)
Short answer tests or the use of mechanical marking assistance or marking assistants.

IP – “In-process” (0.55)
Evaluation is performed entirely within the teaching contact hour.

And then we have Blended or Other (OT). If you have different kinds of assessments, you and your manager might agree to a factor that is a blend of the above options. Most commonly OT is a combination of EP and RA. Pay attention to this factor and make sure that the evaluation factor assigned to your SWF is an accurate reflection of the types of assessments you are using and how much time they need.

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