Coordinators and many faculty are familiar with the Program Advisory Committees, made up of faculty, management, students, graduates, employers, industry representatives, community members, and other stakeholders in program development and delivery at Ontario Colleges. Each program is required to have a PAC and meet with it at least twice yearly to share program news and solicit feedback and seek direction from stakeholders.

The PAC plays an important role in a program’s curriculum, quality assurance, and graduate success. Its recommendations and findings contribute to audit reports, which make their way to the highest levels of college governance. The relationships a program has with its placement opportunities, employers, and research and project partners are often reflected in the PAC. Also, coordinators and faculty draw on their professional and personal networks to build their program PAC.

SLC Faculty Local 417 is seeking feedback from coordinators and faculty involved in PACs. Please take a moment to fill out this two-minute survey.

This survey closes Friday, March 26.