Faculty typically proctor tests and exams in their own courses, but depending on the program or subject matter, sometimes more proctors are needed to administer tests and exams properly. For example, the academic integrity of a test or exam might require more than one proctor.

You may find that you need proctoring support, or you may find yourself being asked to proctor another faculty member’s test or exam.

Is proctoring on the Standard Workload Form (SWF) or part of a teaching contract? What if your SWF is already full or you are on reduced workload? What do you do if you need proctoring support or if you are directed to provide proctoring support?

Standard Workload Form (SWF) and Teaching Contracts:  

Proctoring tests and exams (other than for your own course) is NOT considered “Routine Allowance” or “Normal Administrative Tasks” on a SWF (Full-time Faculty). If your SWF is already full, then proctoring someone else’s test or exam would mean that you would be put into overtime or beyond. If your workload has been reduced for health or other reasons, taking on more work in the form of proctoring would be a violation of the accommodations you need and have the right to access.

Proctoring tests or exams for other faculty is not considered to be a part of a typical teaching contract. For example, if you have a contract to teach 12 hours per week, and are a Partial Load Faculty, proctoring tests or exams for other courses would not be included in that contract.

If you need proctoring support: 

If, to conduct tests or exams properly, you need more proctors, it is your manager’s responsibility to find that support. Let your manager know that your test or exam requires more than just you acting as proctor.

If you are directed to provide proctoring support: 

Despite proctoring not being a part of Normal Administrative Tasks on a SWF or part of a teaching contract, a manager might direct you to provide proctoring support for another faculty member’s test or exam. It is the advice of the Local Executive Committee that if you are so directed by your manager, then you should take on the proctoring but then grieve after the fact.

Please reach out to a Local Steward if you need information and support: https://slcfaculty.ca/about/