Do you know of a Local 417 member whose commitment, engagement, and support of fellow members is exceptional and deserves recognition? Show them you notice and nominate them for the SLC Faculty Local 417 Member Engagement Award.

Actions and traits to consider when nominating someone:

  • Participates in union meetings
  • Is aware of union issues and news
  • Engages in dialogue with members and management
  • Advocates for members and
  • Volunteers for events or projects
  • Helps fellow members understand or navigate the Collective Agreement or College policies
  • Participates in union research and information gathering
  • Is visible in their engagement with the union and union issues

Counsellors, Partial-load Faculty, and Full-time Faculty are eligible, excluding Union Stewards and members of the Local Executive Committee.

Nominees will be entered into a draw to win. One winner from each campus–Cornwall, Brockville, and Kingston–will receive a $50 gift certificate to the local business of their choice.

Click here to nominate someone and enter their name into a draw to win. It takes only a moment!

Nominations close May 15, 2021.

Winners will be announced at the SLC Faculty Local 417 Annual General Membership Meeting on May 19, 2021. Meeting details to be announced soon.