SLC Faculty Local 417 members sometimes need to communicate or meet with representatives from Morneau Shepell, the college’s external service provider for accommodations, short-term disability, and return to work.

There have been increased reports to Local 417 of members feeling harassed when interacting with representatives from Morneau Shepell. The generalities, but not details, of these reports have been conveyed to St. Lawrence College management.

What Local 417 stewards have noticed is that signs of harassment diminish–and even completely disappear–when a union member includes a union representative or steward in communications and meetings with Morneau Shepell.

Know your rights. You have the right to ask for union support for all communications with Morneau Shepell. If you are communicating with Morneau Shepell and want support, please reach out.

Gillian Axten, Chief Steward, SLC Faculty Local 417:

Update — Working and Teaching Remotely Survey: Thank you to everyone who filled out the recent “Working and Teaching Remotely” survey. The Local Executive Committee is reviewing the survey results and is waiting for further information from other sources, available at the end of the month. When we have all the information to paint a full picture, we will share the results in a way that we hope will best serve the membership. Thank you for your patience.