The demand-setting process that will shape the upcoming round of Collective Agreement bargaining has begun.  This summer, your elected bargaining team will be negotiating the next Collective Agreement, based on demands presented by the Local.

To inform the process of Local Demand-Setting, you are asked to complete a survey by Friday, January 22nd.

This survey is your first chance to communicate your bargaining priorities directly to your Local and the Bargaining Team.  It includes many opportunities to provide detailed feedback.

The survey covers issues relevant to professors, instructors, librarians, and counsellors — including both full-time and partial-load.

Part-time and sessional faculty are also invited to complete it, since they could easily be hired on (unionized) partial-load contracts by the time that bargaining is underway.

If you have not yet received the link to the survey at your personal/non-college email address, please write to

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