SLC Faculty Local 417 wants to connect all faculty and counsellors to information and supports from the local, but we need members’ help.

Each individual union member–or potential member, such as Part-time and Sessional faculty–needs to find out about the local website, email list, and social media. It sounds like connecting members to their union might be an easy task, but it isn’t. The college does not provide an accurate list of current faculty, nor does it provide non-college contact information.

When we were all on campus together, finding each other was easier to do. Union stewards could walk around campuses, introducing themselves to faculty and chatting with coordinators. Working remotely, the union local is concerned that there are many newer members not connected with their union. As we begin the bargaining process for a new contract, it is more important than ever to make sure we are all receiving important information and updates and that we all have a voice in union activities.

Can we ask you to help us spread the word? Can you ask faculty in your program if they know about On our website, they can find contact information, union local news, support resources, and a mailing list sign-up option so they can keep informed.

Can you help us stay informed? Can you let us know who you think we should be reaching out to? Please write to

We hope we will see you at the upcoming General Membership/Demand-Setting Meeting Wednesday, February 3, 7 pm. Zoom information will be communicated before the meeting via the SLC Faculty Local 417 email list. Sign up at