As many of you will have by now learned, there will be a disruption to Blackboard service from the evening of May 7 until the morning of May 12. While this is a sign of positive and long-overdue improvement to Blackboard on the part of the College, your LEC also recognizes that the sudden announcement has created unnecessary stress for some of our members.

This shutdown will significantly reduce the time faculty teaching in the Spring semester will have to get their courses online. In addition to an already tight turn-around, those same faculty are also trying to prep for fall and are unable to participate in PD opportunities. At a time when so many are feeling worn and exhausted from already unreasonable workloads, news of this unexpected disruption can seem overwhelming.

We appreciate there is no “perfect” time to complete this shift. However, we are disheartened that so little consideration has been afforded to our members and that management still grossly underestimates the amount of time required to develop new courses and load blackboard shells.  In response, our VP Academics has assured Program Coordinators and members of the LEC that anyone needing support may discuss further with their Deans and Associate Deans. For some, this is little comfort.

We know that you are tired. We know that you are working evenings and weekends to get the ‘job done’. We hear you and continue to address the on-going disconnect between what your LEC are telling management that members are experiencing versus what management will acknowledge members are experiencing.

You are encouraged to address any issues you have with this disruption with your managers as directed by our VP Academic. Your Stewards are available to discuss any concerns or processes you would like assistance navigating related to this or any other issue.

As ever, we will continue to be your voice and advocate in your best interest.